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Send us an email to and we will send you the Everything Raleigh Survival Kit. This survival kit is an exclusive set of information that no other vendor provides.  Best of all it is free. You may also contact us at 919-564-6202 if you wish to consult over the phone.  Thank you for considering our services, and we hope you find the Triangle a wonderful place to call home.

What you get:

1) The School Guide - a complete and exhaustive statistical guide to Raleigh and Triangle area schools. 

2) The Newcomer Guide - a compilation of the Triangle's best places to live, eat, entertainment, parks and fitness, and education. This high-gloss magazine tells all of the newest communities in the Triangle.

3) The Homeprice Forecaster - this compiled 2 pager shows economic and statistical information that will make your decision to relocate a little easier. Included are the forecasting of home prices. Also available in multiple areas.

4) Additional information and helpful websites, articles, and brochures that will make your relocation as smooth as possible.

Don't pay for this advice. We provide it to you free, and only ask that you use our preferred providers - a list will be attached for your package.

We'll send you a Priority Pack of all the above information and encourage you to call us for additional support (see contact section). Thank you for considering Everything Raleigh — your relocation survival guide to the Triangle.